Choreography Camp, 12+

Jasmine & Ali
Dance Classes (location map)
Mon, Wed, Fri, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
06/04/18 - 06/15/18 (2 weeks)

Expression & Artistry

In this 12 hour camp, we will develop a piece that explores mental health amongst teens, particularly anxiety and depression. The subject of this camp has been selected by students as an opportunity to use music and movement to express subject matter that is relevant to them. We will guide them to listen, learn and express themselves through movement. In the end, we will have a piece that will be guided by us, but choreographed by the students. The students have selected the subject, will select the music and will choreograph the number. We will help them dive into the emotion utilizing space, timing, and expression to ideally bring out artistry in each student. We will workshop how to dive deep into emotion to truly captivate an audience.