Musical Theatre, 11+

Shannon & Ali
Dance, Levels 1 & 2: Main Studio (location info)
Thursday, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
01/07/20 - 05/21/20 (18 weeks)

Sing! Act! Dance! In Music Theatre Workshop we will explore these various art forms that together make the Broadway musical so thrilling. Music theatre vocal technique, song interpretation, dance, and staged movement will be explored. There will be opportunities for both solo and/or ensemble singing culminating in a staged musical number. Work of this kind can help develop confidence and stage presence in young dancers and singers. Students in this class will have 1.5 hours total each week. Class will begin with 1/2 hour of singing and acting with Shannon Johnson followed by Musical Theatre Dance with Ali Kishiyama.

Musical Theatre Dance will focus on learning proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with Broadway style jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.