Hip Hop & Breakin', Kindergarten-1st Grade

Wendy Olson
Dance Classes (location map)
Tuesday, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
04/13/21 - 05/18/21 (6 weeks)


The most recent and most popular form of movement is the American born culture and lifestyle of Hip Hop.  An Art form that encompasses music, lyrics, art, and dance, Hip Hop is a technique that began in the seventies on both sides of the U.S. coasts.  Its steps have been studied, mastered, and passed along influencing social and theatrical dance style variations.  Students will be exposed to the intricate steps as well as the cultural aspects of the form. This class focuses on both hip hop foundation and choreography. Students will learn movement vocabulary from hip hop styles like breakin, locking, popping and choreography which combines these styes with hip hop and RnB inspired movement and music. Using this vocabulary and choreography each student will find their personal groove.

Upcoming Meetings
04/13/21    3:30 PM Tuesday 04/13/21 3:30 PM
04/20/21    3:30 PM Tuesday 04/20/21 3:30 PM
04/27/21    3:30 PM Tuesday 04/27/21 3:30 PM
05/04/21    3:30 PM Tuesday 05/04/21 3:30 PM
05/11/21    3:30 PM Tuesday 05/11/21 3:30 PM
05/18/21    3:30 PM Tuesday 05/18/21 3:30 PM