Contemporary, High School

Summer Templin Culp
1.25 Hours (location map)
Wednesday, 6:45 PM - 8:00 PM
04/14/21 - 05/19/21 (6 weeks)


This class emphasizes the fusion of traditional studio techniques (ballet, modern and jazz) as well as concepts from hip-hop, folk dance and dance from pop culture.  Elements of ballet technique, modern floorwork and jazz isolations are incorporated into both the warm up and choreographic phrases.  Students are encouraged to focus on individual artistry through the rhythm, focus, and movement quality that comes from the blending of different dance styles.  Because a general understanding of multiple styles is required, this class is recommended only for dancers ages 12 and up who have had a minimum of two years of dance in at least two different dance techniques. 

Upcoming Meetings
04/14/21    6:45 PM Wednesday 04/14/21 6:45 PM
04/21/21    6:45 PM Wednesday 04/21/21 6:45 PM
04/28/21    6:45 PM Wednesday 04/28/21 6:45 PM
05/05/21    6:45 PM Wednesday 05/05/21 6:45 PM
05/12/21    6:45 PM Wednesday 05/12/21 6:45 PM
05/19/21    6:45 PM Wednesday 05/19/21 6:45 PM