Class Descriptions

Show classes for:
Summer Creative Movement

Creative movement is a class that focuses on movement quality, self-expression, and the love of dance as an art form while strengthening motor skills. Presented through dynamics, time, effort and spacing dancers explore imaginative and improvisational movement. Students will develop the ability to fully express themselves to music with not only creative dance exercises but with the aids of props like balloons, scarves, ribbons, sticks, hoops and small percussion instruments. Creative movement is the beginning step for building a passion for dance and music that will last a lifetime. Summer Creative Movement will be taking place at Defined Motion.

Summer Dance Intensives 4th-12th Grade

Hip Hop and Breakin’

Wendy and Jacob are excited to come together at Planet Bluegrass and share their love of Breakin’ and Hip Hop with students in a summer camp setting. Breakin’ and Hip Hop are two dance styles that are rooted in personal expression. In this three day camp, instructors will enrich students in the hip hop culture through history, movement and music. Fundamentals and foundation technique like locking, popping, top rock, transition and freezes will be taught in an upbeat and fun environment. There will be a balance of set choreography, freestyle movement and occasionally, chillin by the river.   


Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical

Teaching together at Defined Motion/Mayama for over a DECADE Erin, Summer, Ali and Amber are teaming up to bring you their favorite styles of dance on the magical grounds of Planet Bluegrass. Students will learn technique, set choreography and dance history. Truly, Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical are different fusions of each other and other dance forms and they all three continue to evolve with new generations. Instructors will be collaborating to bring you a fresh dance experience as we blur the lines further between these three styles. Be ready to dance hard, have a ton of fun and connect with teachers and fellow dancers and we move, explore and grow as artists alongside the river.   

Summer Dance Camp K-3rd Grade

Movement Exploration and Discovery

Join Defined Motion for an exciting summer session taking place at Planet Bluegrass. The curriculum will consist of Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop along with improvisation, games, crafts and some “feet in the river” time. Defined Motion instructors will give informative introductory classes using various approaches. By facilitating art, props, media and music students will explore styles with an artistic lens. Dancers will receive a short history, technique and choreography lesson on each dance form. This is a great opportunity for students to try new forms and see what sparks their interest in incredibly inspiring surroundings.